Bath/Hot spring


Our hot springs have passed legal inspections and are tested for Legionella bacteria.

Family baths, large public baths, and guest room baths are fed directly from the source.

■Family baths and guest room baths
We change the hot water every day.
We are cleaning the bathtub after the replacement.

■Large communal bath
We regularly replace hot water and clean the bathtub.

You can fully enjoy the carefully selected free-flowing hot springs in the family bath and in the large public bath.

All baths are natural free-flowing hot springs. The hot water is a bicarbonate spring, which is unique to Chojabaru, which is rare in Japan.
There are 5 types of private family baths, and there is also a spacious open-air bath for men and women. Each one has a unique and rustic design full of handmade feeling.
Please enjoy the various baths to your heart's content, with your family, as a couple, or with friends.

Big bath


It is a large public bath with an indoor bath and an open-air bath for men and women.
In addition to the open-air bath where the dynamic scenery spreads out in front of you, the indoor bath has a high ceiling and is open.
The slightly greenish natural hot spring ingredients that evoke the feeling of travel warm you from the core of your body and keep you warm after bathing.

Hours of use 15:00 - 11:00 the next day

*Exclusively for hotel guests
*The open-air bath in the large public bath cannot be used from December to mid-March.
(Temperatures may drop below freezing, so we refrain from providing information in winter due to freezing feet and heat shock.)
*In order to use the bath safely, during cold seasons such as winter, we ask that you pour the water over the bath before bathing.

Chartered hot water


We have five private baths available.
All of the baths are open-air, and the hot spring water is of course free-flowing from the source.
The rustic stone bathtub is also set up as wide as possible, so you can fully stretch your limbs while bathing.
Please spend a private time with only close people such as families and couples.

Hours of use 15:00-23:00

*Exclusively for hotel guests
*From December to mid-March, there may be times when it is not available due to the temperature being adjusted to below freezing.
*In order to use the bath safely, during cold seasons such as winter, we ask that you pour the water over the bath before bathing.

Bath/Hot spring information

Hot spring nameChojabaru Hot Spring
Hot water place255-30 Tano, Kokonoe-machi, Kusu-gun, Oita Prefecture
Spring qualityBicarbonate spring
PH value7.1(25℃)
Evaporation residue2.696g/kg(180℃)
Efficacy Chronic muscle or joint pain or stiffness (chronic phase such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, low back pain, neuralgia, frozen shoulder, bruises, sprains, etc.), muscle stiffness in motor paralysis, decreased gastrointestinal function gas in the intestines, etc.), mild hypertension, impaired glucose tolerance (diabetes), mild hypercholesterolemia, mild breath or emphysema, hemorrhoid pain, autonomic instability, stress-related symptoms (sleep disorder, depression, etc.), recovery from illness, recovery from fatigue, promotion of health
Indications by spring qualityCuts, peripheral circulatory disorders, sensitivity to cold, dry skin, depression
Features Our hot springs are rich in metasilicic acid, which is a natural moisturizing ingredient, and are also known as "hot springs of beauty." Normally, when it exceeds 100mg, it is said to be "beauty hot water", but the hot spring at our hotel has more than twice that amount, 212mg, and we have received many compliments from our guests.
What is metasilicic acid Metasilicic acid is also called a “natural moisturizing ingredient” and is said to be highly effective for beautiful skin. Metasilicic acid is called a natural moisturizing ingredient because it has the following three actions.

Promote skin turnover
Metasilicic acid has the function of increasing metabolism. As the metabolism increases, the old keratin falls off and is replaced with new cells. By repeating the normal turnover, you can maintain healthy and firm skin.

Protect skin from dryness
Metasilicic acid helps the production of ceramides that keep the skin's keratinization in balance. Ceramide is a component that binds skin cells together to prevent evaporation of moisture and oil inside the skin. By soaking in hot water containing metasilicic acid, you can activate the action of ceramide and keep the moisture and oil content of your skin moderate. Therefore, you can expect the effect of protecting your skin from dryness.

Create beautiful skin and hair
Metasilicic acid contains about 35.9% "silicon". "Silicon" is a mineral necessary to generate skin and hair. Therefore, by ingesting metasilicic acid, you can get beautiful skin and hair.

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