Baths/Hot spring


Our hot springs have successfully passed the statutory inspections.

The family baths, communal baths, and in-room baths feature direct flow from the natural hot spring source.

■Family baths and guest room baths
We conduct daily water replacement, and after each change,
we perform tub cleaning.

■Communal baths
We regularly replace the water and conduct tub cleaning.

Enjoy an exclusive and carefully selected flowing hot spring experience in our family baths, communal baths , and in-room baths.

All baths feature naturally sourced, continuous flowing hot spring water. The water is a unique carbonate hydrogen ion spring, boasting an exceptional quality exclusive to Chojabaru, making it a source of pride.
We offer five private family baths for reservation and spacious gender-separated outdoor baths. Each bath has a charming, handmade, and rustic setup, adding a unique and inviting touch.
Whether with family, as a couple, or with friends, we invite you to leisurely enjoy the diverse baths to your heart's content.

Large public bath


Large public bath facility with separate indoor and outdoor baths for men and women.
The outdoor baths provide a dynamic view, while the indoor baths feature high ceilings, creating an open and expansive atmosphere.
The slightly greenish natural hot spring components evoke a sense of travel, warming your core and leaving a lasting warmth after bathing, as acclaimed by our guests.

Available for use from 3:00 PM to 11:00 AM the next day.

*Exclusive for staying guests.
*From December to mid-March, the outdoor baths are not available.
(During this period, the outdoor baths may be closed due to freezing temperatures, concerns about freezing surfaces.)
*For your safety during colder periods, especially in winter, we kindly request guests to perform a splash of water on themselves before entering the bath.

Private Baths


We offer a total of five private baths, each
With its own outdoor setting, featuring naturally flowing hot spring water.
The baths are crafted with a rustic charm, and the hot water gushes forth, providing an authentic and private bathing experience.
Ideal for families, couples, or anyone looking to enjoy a private and intimate moment.

Available for use from 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

*Exclusive for staying guests.
*From December to mid-March, some baths may be unavailable due to temperature adjustments, especially during freezing conditions.
*For safety during colder periods, especially in winter, we kindly request guests to perform a pour the water over themselves before entering the bath.

Baths/Hot spring information

Name of Hot SpringChojabaru Hot Spring
Source Spring255-30 Tano, Kokonoe-machi, Kusu-gun, Oita Prefecture
PH value7.1(25℃)
Residual Evaporation2.696g/kg(180℃)
Effect Chronic muscle or joint pain or stiffness (chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lower back pain, neuralgia, frozen shoulder, chronic injuries such as bruises or sprains), muscle stiffness in cases of motor paralysis, decreased gastrointestinal function (indigestion, gas accumulation in the intestines), mild hypertension, impaired glucose tolerance (diabetes), mild hypercholesterolemia, mild shortness of breath or emphysema, pain from hemorrhoids, autonomic nervous system instability, various symptoms due to stress (sleep disorders, depression, etc.), post-illness recovery period, fatigue recovery, and health promotion.
Indications by Spring QualityCuts, peripheral circulation disorders, cold sensitivity, dry skin, and depressive states.
Characteristics Our hot spring is known as the 'Beauty Bath,' as it is exceptionally rich in natural moisturizing components, specifically metasilicic acid. Typically, when the content exceeds 100mg, it is referred to as the 'Beauty Bath.' However, our hot spring boasts a remarkable value of over 212mg, eliciting much praise and delight from our bathers.
What is "Metasilicic acid" Metasilicic acid, also known as a 'natural moisturizing component,' is believed to have a high skincare effect. The reason metasilicic acid is referred to as a natural moisturizing component lies in its three main actions:

Promotes skin turnover
Metasilicic acid has the ability to boost metabolism, facilitating the turnover of skin cells. By enhancing this process, old keratin is shed, making way for the replacement with new cells. Regular turnover supports the maintenance of healthy, resilient skin.

Protects the skin from dryness
Metasilicic acid aids in the production of ceramides, which help maintain the balance of skin keratinization. Ceramides are components that bind skin cells together to prevent the evaporation of moisture and oil within the skin. Immersing in water containing metasilicic acid activates the function of ceramides, ensuring a moderate retention of skin moisture and oil. Therefore, it is expected to have a protective effect against skin dryness.

Creates beautiful skin and hair
Metasilicic acid contains approximately 35.9% of 'silicon.' 'Silicon' is a mineral essential for generating skin and hair. Therefore, by incorporating metasilicic acid, one can attain beautiful skin and hair.

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